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Business plan for a taxi - Objectives

Organize and open its taxi service, taxi business.
Reduce the cost of maintaining the control room.
Reduce the cost of radio communications.
Automate the company's business processes.
Automate workflow and relationships with drivers.
Provide taxi service customers with high-quality service.
To measure and control the work of its taxi service, establish a competent taxi business.
Get full statistics, analytics and necessary reporting in real time.
Get additional competitive advantages.
To organize high-quality service for taxi service customers.
Receive and process a large stream of phone calls without losing a single call.

Business Tax Plan - Tasks

Choose a program for taxis to automate the work of the control room.
To study, describe and formalize the key business processes used in servicing the company's customers.
Based on the description of business processes, organize your own modern dispatch taxi.
Use the Contact Center (Call Center) functionality to gain additional competitive advantages over other taxi services.Develop a new line of business taxi.

Description of the proposed decision to open a taxi business

The software and hardware complex "CyprusTaxi" is a unique product for taxi services, intended for complex automation of its taxi dispatch service, with the possibility of additional expansion of the taxi business in the direction of providing outsourcing services to the Call Center.

The functional allows you to handle orders for an unlimited number of taxi services, both individually and in a joint mode, as well as the ability to service various organizations of the city, for example, through the organization of hotlines.

Incoming calls arrive in the Contact Center, where in a fraction of seconds, the caller's number is analyzed. After the analysis, the information is distributed to the dispatchers for processing. The dispatcher accepts the call in the window of the program "CyprusTaxi", in which the data about the client and the history of the relationship are displayed. To distribute the order, the dispatcher only needs one "click" of the mouse.

The CyprusTaxi software package for taxi services will help to avoid loss of customers and orders due to overloading of the dispatching service, attract more customers due to the mechanism of discounts and bonus trips, ease of data entry and work with the system. The functions of the Contact Center will ensure the efficient operation of operators, dispatchers and their taxi drivers.

The use of the CyprusTaxi software package in conjunction with the Contact Center will allow the dispatchers to organize their work, optimize the process of entering information into the database, automate communication with drivers and call customers about the car delivered. A single Contact Center will not only process customer requests. It will provide the company with the opportunity to receive and analyze a wide variety of information, manage its flows.


The payback period for the taxi business by the dispatching office using the current program "CyprusTaxi" is 3-6 months, depending on the chosen configuration of the complex and the efficiency of the taxi business.

The formula for the success of a taxi business is clear: the one who quickly finds and serves the customer succeeds.